How to Replace a Home Air Conditioner Filter?

During the hot summer days an air conditioner is a fundamental electrical appliance in most homes. So, to make sure you keep your air conditioner in great condition we will discuss why changing an air conditioner filter is important and how to do it yourself.

Why You Should Change Your Air Conditioner Filter?

Changing your air conditioner filter regularly will extend the life of the appliance and save you money from having to purchase a new one. If the filter is not clean the air conditioner will have to work twice as hard to keep your house cool.

Pet owners must keep in mind that pet dander can easily clog an air filter and this is especially important for those who suffer from asthma or have small children.

How Often Should You Change Your Filter?

Depending on how often you use your air conditioner the filter should be changed at least every three months but if you use the air conditioner on a regular basis then the filter should be changed monthly.

How to Change the Filter on a Central Unit

Here are three easy steps on how to change your air conditioner filter when needed.

Step 1: Shut off the system

Health and Safety first so, make sure to cut off the power completely before beginning the replacement process. Also, to prevent dust and debris entering into the unit during the cleaning process the power must be turned off.

Step 2: Remove the old filter

The most simple step, slide the filter out of the slot.

Step 3: Check the condition of the filter

Once the filter has been removed checked the condition of the filter by holding it up to a light and see how dirty and clogged it looks. If every light makes it through the filter it means it needs to be replaced.

Step 4: Insert the new filter

Before entering the new filter make sure it is done correctly by locating the arrow on the filter frame, which indicates what direction the air should flow through the filter. This will always be away from the return air duct and towards the air handler mechanism. When the filter is placed back into its intended spot, point  the arrow  away from the return  and towards  the air handler.

How to Change the Filter on Window Units

Step 1: Turn off the unit

Just like with the central unit you will need to disconnect the power before starting the process.

Step 2: Remove the cover

Remove the cover off the front of the air conditioner unit.

Step 3: Locate and remove the filter

Depending on the type of unit you have you may be able to just push or pull it out but with older units you might have to unscrew it to remove it.

Step 4: Clean or replace the filter

On most window air conditioners the filters are usually reusable by just shaking it off and vacuuming the dust. You should also rinse the filter with soapy water and leave it to dry. If the filter is disposable just replace it with a new one.

Step 5: Replace the cover

Once the filter has been changed just pop or screw the cover back on and then it will be safe to turn on and use.

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